Press and Media


Racing Post

Racing Post, Kurt vision a boost for valley, 29 July, 2017

The Times

The Times: Mehmet Kurt’s hi-tech track is new breed of racehorse trainer, 26 July, 2017

ITV News

ITV News: The future of racing? 11 July, 2017

Construction News

Construction News: Horse 'monorail' targets training revolution, 11 January, 2017

Owner & Breeder

Mehmet Kurt’s £40 million system set to launch in Lambourn, 1 February, 2017


The times 2

The Times: Racing revolutionary’s £20m hunch, 22nd October 2016

Horse Talk Courses for horses: £20m “monorail” training track under construction, 13th May, 2016

Mail Online 2

Mail Online: Construction starts on futuristic £20million monorail to help train horses in Lambourn, 12th May 2016

Horse & Hound

Horse & Hound: Innovative training system for British racehorses, 7th March 2016


The Telegraph

The Telegraph: Revolutionary multi-million pound system that trains young horses, 27th August 2015

Boisdale Life

Boisdale Life: Lunch with Mr Kurt, 2nd April 2015


Mail Online

Mail Online: Revolutionary racehorse training track gets green light for construction in Lambourn, 13th October, 2014 


The Times 2

The Times: Novel training system on track for Lambourn, 13th May 2013

Racing post 2

Racing Post: Kurtsystems given the go-ahead, 17th February 2013

Newburry Today

Newbury Today: Lambourn training monorail gets green light, 9th February 2013


Racing Post

Racing Post: Kurt set to introduce new training method, 29th January 2012


The spectator

The Spectator: Man with a system, 17th September 2011

the guardian

The Guardian: Lambourn earmarked for a hi-tech revolution in pre-training, 25th August 2011



Trainer magazine: Reinventing the Wheel – the Kurt Equine Training System, 1st October 2007