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The ambition is to make sure horses are strong and healthy before they start their racing life; to build a foundation for their future.

-Mehmet Kurt

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The Kurtsystem at Kingwood Stud in Lambourn is designed to aid the pre-training of young racehorses before they enter a traditional training regime. It introduces young horses to a pre-training programme without the threat of human error in a closely monitored and controlled environment. State of the art medical technology monitors heart, respiratory, bone and muscular development and effectively maps the horses' physical and mental development. The Kurtsystems process is in contrast to the experiences faced by many young racehorses in their early training. Antiquated techniques can lead to breakdowns that prematurely end the horses' racing career.

Such failings have wider implications for the bloodstock sector, as the horses' potential on the track will not be fully realised. It is also suited to the rehabilitation of older horses, such as National Hunt chasers or hurdlers, which have either been injured or suffered fitness issues, and can support eventers and dressage horses. The Kurtsystem is a valuable and long awaited addition to Lambourn’s racing industry, located in the heart of ‘the valley of the racehorse’.

It seems to me that these horses are learning to be much safer in their training than when using the traditional methods.

– Monty Roberts, “The Horse Whisperer” and World Leading Equine Authority

Trainers who embrace technology, innovation and progress will learn that Kurtsystems can become a vital tool in their training regime. We are incredibly lucky that Mr Kurt has based his system in Lambourn. It will become a great asset not only to the village but also to the greater racing community

- Jamie Osborne, Group One Winning Trainer

Kurtsystems is a unique, promising and exciting way of conditioning horses, training horses and rehabilitiating horses.

- Professor Wayne McIlwraith, Colorado State University

I’ve been very impressed with the training strategy which is a nice combination of science and horse common sense.

- Professor David Evans, University of Sydney

Mehmet Kurt

Mehmet Kurt is one of Turkey’s leading industrialists and entrepreneurs.  He has been at the forefront of the property, construction, textile and agricultural sectors for many years and has achieved significant success on the turf, where his silks have twice been carried to victory in the Turkish Derby.

Mehmet later expanded his businesses into the media, energy, chemicals, defence and medical sectors.  His passion for thoroughbreds and horseracing echoes the comments and sentiments of Kemal Ataturk, the first President of the Turkish Republic who said, “Horse racing is a social need for modern societies."

I have a clear ambition. I want to improve the evolution of the horse and strengthen its physical and mental preparedness to handle modern training regimes. This revolutionary pre-training technology will deliver better horses and thus improve the bloodstock sector too.

- Mehmet Kurt, Pioneer of Kurtsystems

Appreciating The Horse

Horses have been fundamental to human existence for thousands of years. They have provided transportation, delivered success in military campaigns, shaped agriculture and commerce and have been a source of status and pleasure throughout history. Horse racing is enjoyed by billions of people across the world. Current horse training methods which involve early human intervention can often unintentionally be detrimental to the horse’s development. The Kurtsystems technology will alleviate this, and better prepare horses for a traditional and successful training regime. Horse welfare is the motivation behind the development of Kurtsystems.

Kurt is determined to train racehorses in a better, more visionary and less injury prone way.

– The Guardian

History and The Future

I see amazing potential. The horses that I have seen in the Kurtsytems are safe, and accept it extremely well.

– Monty Roberts, “The Horse Whisperer” and world leading equine authority

The Kurtsystems technology was pioneered by Mehmet Kurt a quarter of a century ago in an attempt to reduce the injuries and breakdowns suffered by his racehorses in the early stages of their training careers. Mehmet’s ambition is to improve the standards of horse training and welfare with evidence based and scientifically supported new pre-training methods.

He developed the Kurtsystems prototype at his Turkish stud near Istanbul and has now built a modernised and advanced system at his Kingwood Stud in Lambourn, England.

Innovative training system for British racehorses

- Horse & Hound

Kurtsystems is an ingenius system

- The Spectator

Daniele Camuffo

– General Manager

Daniele Camuffo has been involved in Kurtsystems for more than 10 years.

Daniele was appointed as General Manager at Kurtsystems in August 2016 having dedicated over thirty years to the training of horses. He is passionate about horse welfare, and has spent his life working with horses around the world following an upbringing in Italy where his family influenced the growth of the Italian racing industry.

Daniele began his equestrian career at the age of twenty whilst undertaking military service in Italy as a Cavalry officer in the Cavalry Regiment 4th Genoa, later rising to the rank of Captain. During this period, he participated in the Military Riding Championships, coming second place out of four hundred participants. After leaving the military he went on to work as Assistant Trainer to Count Vittorio di San Marzano, training a number of Group level winning horses.

Daniele is also a keen horse breeder, having previously spent ten years breeding horses at Mehmet Kurt’s Turkish stud as a General Manager.

Dr Robert Curtis

– Kurtsystems Technology Consultant

Dr Curtis has been involved with the evolution of Kurtsystems for many years.

He has worked in the biomedical engineering industry for over thirty years, providing healthcare research for horses, dogs, cats, sheep, cows, goats and humans. His areas of special interest include: equine respiratory and neurological measurements, veterinary anaesthesia equipment, canine cardiology and veterinary teaching systems.

He is currently a Research and Development Engineer at RobacScience Pty Ltd where he specialises in biomedical engineering and the development of medical electronics for physiology measurement and kinetic sculptures. Since 2000, he has also been a consultant at Advanced Anaesthesia Specialists, a global industry leader in the design, manufacture and service of veterinary anaesthesia equipment and critical care products.

Dr Curtis graduated from the University of Kent with a BSc (Hons) in Electronics, and gained his Ph.D in Biomedical Engineering and Veterinary Physiology from the University of Sydney in 2008. He is a senior member of the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE) and member of the Engineering in Medicine and Biology Society (EMBS).

The team from left to right Rebecca, Sarah, Simone, Katrina, Daniele, Jeorge